Out of the closet: A really rather shocking surprise!


Since we spent 3 days getting ready for my yearly big-ass cookout and it went off without a problem.

Those 3 days involved a lot of reorganizing, yard work, and cleaning and during my preparations of the guest room for our overnight guests, I uncovered something that I wasn't supposed to have.

Apparently, many many years ago, Giga got me a birthday present that I never ended up receiving: the original color proof separations to the album art for Transformers: The Movie.

TF The Movie Soundtrack Album cover proof specs

He had acquired this one-of-a-kind Transformers-related item for me!

His original plan was to have each color separation mounted on individual glass panes and then the entire piece framed as one unit.

This would have allowed the viewer to see the color seps (CMY and K) from a side angle, but from head on it would have appeared to be the finished product.

Unfortunately, at the time, the costs to do the mounting proved to be rather astronomical to his wallet after he had already spent quite a bit on the actual art itself.

And instead of giving it to me as-is, it merged its way into various other parts of our collected art and poster collections.

Apparently, while moving from the old house last year, I started rummaging through this art and almost opened it. He said he yelled at me not to look at it and I guess I complied. I have no recollection of the event.

Anyway, I was cleaning out the closet where our art has temporarily been stored and didn't know what this was so opened it.

Imagine my surprise! What's even funnier? I thought I may have purchased it sometime in the past and totally had forgotten about it!

Well... I finally asked him about it the other day and he explained to me I was never supposed to have seen it until it could finally have been properly mounted and framed. He reminded me of the the moving incident that I have no memory of as well.


Talk about your shock and surprise closet find!

TF The Movie Soundtrack Album cover proof specs

The spec is dated 16 June 1986 which would be about right for final proofing before going to press. The film was released on 8 August 1986 so I have to think this is indeed a legitimate piece of ancillary TF production stuff!

TF The Movie Soundtrack Album cover proof specs

It really is a great piece since it is so unique!

There sheer size of it, due to the fact that it was designed as a vinyl album sleeve, makes it that much more impressive. This size art just isn't made anymore for most music.

I'll have to put it away again until it can be mounted in either the "depth" way or as a simple single composite piece.

But man... talk about your bad crazy surprises!


That is the high point of awesomeness!

Holy shitballs my brains are going to explode onto my laptopĀ“s screen.

wow, thats very awesome indeed!

That might be the coolest gift ever. You totally need to have it mounted as originally intended.

Amazing gift! Giga rocks!

Ha! Even the stuff you didn't know you owned is still better than my whole collection.

Giga's in a great position because anything really nice you have that you can't remember buying he can take credit for and your memory's so bad you won't know the difference.

Taking undue credit is a great skill in any relationship. It works on my wife all the time. We're not even married but she goes along with it because everyday since we met I've told her she's my wife.

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