Even I make a fine line between plastic crack and plastic crap!

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taken from tformersYou all know that on the whole, I'm not into peripheral TF crap that doesn't transform.

The busts and statues are just overpriced junk to me.

I can let the Robot Heroes and PVCs and even Revoltechs sneak by because on the whole, they are all pretty much accurate anime representations of the characters or cheap enough to justify buying without impact quality full Transformer purchases.

But man oh man, this shit is just lame


I'll never understand this kind of peripheral crap.

Of course, one of you is probably "Oh my god I has to have me that! Two even! One to keep in the box and one to display!"

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I feel exactly the same way regarding these. I've seen both the Prime & Megs ones in quite a few TRUs and I've got no desire whatsoever to take them home with me. And now they've made more of them? Who the hell buys this crap? For oversized paperweights (that's pretty much all they're good for) they just plain suck.

The thing is - I can't recall HasTak producing similar garbage for earlier lines over the years (sorry, Armada gumball machine comes to mind)

thats one hell of a crappy...erm,thingy.

Nala called me on it, I'm buying 2 of each, one to open and proudly display on the coffee table, one to keep MIB!!!

Ha ha ha ... just kidding!!

I agree though, who buys this S---????? I see the Unleashed Bumblebee and Primes just rotting on the shelves.

I'll never understand how Hasbro can produce this kinda crap, but yet, can't get a good paint job done on shit that actually will sell. Like Movie Leader Megatron, for a glaring example!

Well, having seen the movie for the first time last night, I can say that I definitely do not need these. Somewhere, Scatman Crothers is spinning in his grave so fast he's about to bore through the coffin and make his way to the earth's core.

What the hell was the point of Sector 7? I'm gonna have to watch the Jesus Quintana part of The Big Lebowski about 18 times so I can love John Turturro again.

Frowny: Didn't you get the memo that it was your Primus-given right, nay, your DUTY, to go see the movie multiple times, buy all 23 store-exclusive DVDs and spend all your time either A) raving about how great the movie was, how much Michal Bay ROXOR!, and how you can't wait for the next one to come out, or B) ranting and raving about how you'd rather sandpaper the @sshole of an alligator in a phone booth than watch that crap again? How dare you wait this long to see The Movie!

Let's see, immobile, non-poseable representations of characters of a design that, to paraphrase crazysteve, look like dog turds wrapped in colorful aluminum foil? Yes, please!

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