Random stuff for the Columbus Toy Show


So the Columbus Toy and Comic show is tomorrow.

We'll be set up again trying to sell the same stuff we've had at past shows. I've also randomly opened up TF boxes in the basement and grabbed things I knew I could immediately have leave without really caring about them.

Random stuff for the toy show.

Mostly Energon and Cybertron stuff with a little Armada thrown in here and there.

I know none of this will sell. TFs rarely do.

Movie toys to sell or give away to kids.

I grabbed what movie shit I could find.

Maybe I can give this crap away.

Then again... if I was a kid... wouldn't even want this shit.


Any sort of inventory of the opened movie stuff? Might you have a Storm Surge (the hovercraft) or the green version of Strongarm (http://tfu.info/2007/Autobot/Strongarm/strongarm.htm)? Can't make much out in the photos.

I could potentially be up for the red/black bendy Prime (Cybertron) and wonder what the Allspark power thingy is (I never did manage to get Getaway).

To me the Movie stuff is almost like getting drunk and waking up next to someone you don't know and wondering what the hell happened.

I look at my movie stuff and wonder what I could possibly have been thinking. My only non regret is the big Prime with sound effects and lights. (Leader Class? I can never get the damn class sizes straight). Anyway I don't regret that one because I got it for free from my work. It was a prize and I won it. Also the new Camero BB is pretty cool. My niece plays with it in car mode when she comes over.

i bought movies toys for one reason... because i sat in the movie wide-eyed and jaw hanging open and felt i couldn't call myself a collector if i didn't get a few figures that had caused that kind of reaction.

i didn't go hog ass wild by any means and stuck with only getting a few

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