It isn't a question of sucking. Just how much.


So I'm interested in Gregg Berger since I've never heard him speak before.

Of course, I pretty much know how that panel will already go since most voice actor panels are the same thing over and over.

And once again, I can't see how either Stan Bush or Vince DiCola can be considered draws at all.

With less than 1 month until Botcon I'm back in a typical oh-so-great pre-Botcon "How Mediocre Is It Going To Be This Year?" mood.

Last year turned out pretty great with at least 2 new voice talents.

Plus, I had my awesome little non-TF moment with Tara Strong.

However... I was very happy to hear that Crazy Steve will be making another appearance this year.

He emailed me some info about that Convert-A-Bot Non-Shockwave I recently acquired. Apparently, it is something I should be happy to have.

Crazy Steve deserves billing on the Botcon site! I mean... his contributions to the geekery exceed just about everything out there.

Then again, the historian in me can appreciate his efforts from a perspective many probably don't see.


You make me feel like the third Hartman, when in actuality I am a Turd Fartman! I will have to print this post out and take it with me to registration as proof of my status as an important great guy who should get in free. My original plan was to register as Brian Kilby.

The VSTP isn't much more than an obscure, awkwardly formatted, quirky little footnote in a galaxy of online toy robots information and that's pretty much all it deserves. I'm not knowledgeable enough to make really great contributions. Those guys who run and edit the wiki are the real fandom heroes. But just knowing you and a couple others out there enjoy looking at black and white copies of newspaper ads is really rewarding, especially since better quality, full color catalog scans from that era are plentiful all over the internet. So thanks.

If it were closer I'd consider going just to hang out with you all again. California is just too damn far away.

EKM: No one ever thought about saving (let alone micro-fiche researching B/W adverts) across a variety of toy lines. It's really useful to see how stores priced and marketed toys. Being a nerd about these things, I think there's a lot of interesting material there. There's an economic study in these figures waiting to explode.

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