While I'm on the topic of gay robot conventions...


Any of you out there far more in the depths of robogasms than I am have any idea what the hell the attendee figure will be?

Obviously it'll be a repaint of something already in the set but I haven't been paying attention enough to have caught what it could be.


One thing that's come up is Energon Mirage/Dreadwing (a boat) as something that looks like Action Master Banzaitron. There's no firm info yet on which exclusive it might be (attendee or what). Looks sort of keen.

The breakdown is reportedly:

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:


@His Evil Highness Macrocranios, that's not a bad set up, although I wonder why Leozack as the freebie and not Skyquake.

The first two sets are going to be monsters. They are frankly both making the trip worthwhile in a way the main set does not. I am excited for all four of them.

Will you be attending?

@Most Fairest Player of Things, I don't know if that's really the truth about the at-show exclusives but apparently the multiple awesome inside sources are in agreement this time.

I'm a little bummed out because I wanted Leozack but won't get it free since I'm not going Primus. I registered Protoform in the hopes that Friday would be worth going to. Now it looks like Simon Furman isn't there and David Kaye is only showing up Saturday. I'm starting to feel dumb about the show but at least there's still Vintage Space Toast Tour Pasadena if Botcon ends up sucking.

I have faith that there are still at least some awesome unannounced guests and Friday will have super cool super secret secret panels. It would be funny if I didn't pay extra for the toys but still come out feeling screwed for pre-registering.

Maybe the Nalaster can be approached on the freebie issue, given his underwhelmingness on the whole package. Another option is to volunteer with FP and see if that yields the figure.

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