The weird places you'll find shit.


I actually found a Universe Ratchet and Universe Hot Shot/Jolt at Kroger's of all places!

Yeah, I'm not getting the Henkei one. At least not yet.

I already have 2 other Henkei ones coming and that's way too much moolah.

Has anyone seen a TFA Waspinator?


Yeah, he's on my shelf, all green and purple... Not a nice figure, but what the hey, he's better by miles than Shocks!


Hey Nala we have a boatload of them at the local wally world! if you want me to snag you one let me know he appears to be a pegwarmer up here

No real shortage of Waspinator here in Pittsburgh.

Tons here in KY and also when I visited the lady in TN

tons at my tru in sunny chattavegas

bunches in the tru i go too... but i've had mine for a month... got ratchet yesterday... somehow it didn't seem as piecemeal as ironhide...

We've got some here in Toledo too, if you want me to grab you one. Just let me know. :)

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