Columbus Toy Show - April 2009 Setup


So I randomly grabbed stuff from the basement bins and added that to my unsold toy store stuff from previous shows.

Set up

I'm glad somebody on Flickr tipped me off to the fact that Energon Beachcomber actually has some value behind him.

Set up

With the comics gone and with Giga's superhero stuff slowly disappearing, we'll have to determine if doing all this setup to eventually not sell TFs is worth it. Probably not.

My Plastic Crack.

I was talking to this one collector/deal from Cleveland who is only into TFs. When he admitted to me he actually loves Car Robots/RID I decided to do something I normally wouldn't.

Yup. Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy is coming down to the show for him to see!

I mean... I would have loved if someone had shown me theirs. So... maybe taking my holy grail out of the House of Love will be therapeutic.

Oh. I bought a knock-off "Change-A-Robot" G1 Shockwave from him for $10. Never been opened. Definitely worth the novelty of it for the Shockwave collection.

He has a Henkei Thundercrack and Skywarp for sale. He basically wants street value. I'm tempted. I mean... I want to actually own those. If I can sell some toys to sink into their purchase I may just do it.

He's got a Classics Nemesis Prime and Shadow Commander Armor set for $150 too. I'm not sure if I want that though. I already have the figure and the armor is... well... obviously a bit derivative. Who knows. I may end up buying it.

I'm really on the look out for Micronauts... though that is always very hit or miss.

Maybe some die-cast Shogun Warriors.

Anyway... It is almost 6am. Time to get my shit in order.

I'll post pictures later of some of the crazy ass shit that is up for sale.

Giga already made $100 last night. Unfortunately, that was $100 for what he paid $300 for. But such is life and especially when you just want the stuff our of your life.


Oh heh cool. viscous=gargunkle=me. I should probably be more consistent about that across things but oh well. Any particular Micronauts you are seeking? I have some from Palisades from a few years back that I'd consider letting go.

You remind me I have to go through my micronaut parts box that I've accumulated over the years.

Your sales wall always impresses me. May I ask how much you were asking for the Star Sabre and the OTFCC Mega Zarak?

And though it ruins a bit of the "surprise", I picked up a little thing for you and Matt when I was in London last June (which I then misplaced for a bit). I mean little though, but given your comments above, quite suitable for your current interests. No further said. :P

Nala, I hear ya on Giga taking a $200 hit just to make a sale. I've been utterly raped on Ebay a few times now, selling toys that are worth easily three or times what the winning bid is, and having to let it go at that because I don't put up reserve prices, because no one will bid on your stuff if there's a reserve on it. I've learned that through direct observation. Also, it's funny, I'll have 40 people watching an auction of mine, and like five people bid. Seems like everyone is selling their stuff right now, and not many are buying. Those that ARE buying are making a killing.

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