Convert-A-Bot Shockwave that is not Shockwave

Posted on April 25, 2009 8:29 PM | Permalink
Convert-A-Bots "Shockwave"

I said I only bought 1 toy at last week's Columbus Toy Show... and what a find it was.

Well... it was for me!

The other TF collector there who is also from the Central Cowlands had this.

He called it a Convert-A-Bot toy which I had never seen before.

I've seen (and almost bought) the original non-TF release and even the Shackwave figure.

But this guy?

Totally had to have him!

Thanks for the deal Phil!

He's found a home here in the Crack Den!

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Wacky...I was just thinking about Convert-A-Bots, having blundered across some information on

The best thing about that picture is that the description "N-4-SR" looks like some kind of stock code, but it's actually his given name!

He almost looks like Animated LongArm's colors. Haha, what a twist!

@Crazy Ya know something... you are right!

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