I haven't been paying any attention to Movie 2 toys or the like but why would Hasbro make Constructicons that can combine and then some that can't?


I'm not sure but at this point I don't plan to get any of them.

What's even more odd is according to the movie news, there are 7 Contructicons PLUS Demolishor (who apparently has the same alt mode as Scavenger).

In toy form there are six INCLUDING Demolishor (with no Scavenger present).

At this point I'm mostly just planning to get Jetfire and Sideswipe IF they make a Tracks repaint. And a few basics but I've written them off as low(ish) priced.

No movie toys for me this time. I've got Prime and Bumblebee from the last one (and a few others I wish I didn't get). That's all I need or rather didn't need.
I actually finally got my Universe Hound w/Ravage and I can stop buying Transformers for awhile.
Walmart had a 2 for 1 sale going on and I got him and Cyclonus. It was pretty great. Now my wallet can rest.
All I want now is the TF Animated Arcee.

As far as I can make out:

(a) There's a bit of a size discrepancy. The amount of detail on the individual figures calls for deluxe or even voyager size, which would lead to a combined mode of unstable proportions.

(b) Hasbro / TakTomy could not work out how to engineer a vehicle mode, robot mode, and combination mode into a single figure and retain the movie-style aesthetics.

(c) We buy toys from an evil company.

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