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So... please save me from having to go into geek site message boards or forums.

From the few pics of the movie Mudflap and I think Skids they both look like they have the Cybertronian equivalent of Down's Syndrome.

Does anybody know if these are going to be Bay's attempt at childish humor bots?

The (so-called) heads and faces just look awful... like they are intentionally designed to be dumb or retarded.

I wouldn't put it past this film to have them like this.

- - -

Not sure I can justify dropping money down on the Fans Project G3 Trailer.

I really like it and all... but the Crack Den shelves can't have wasted space like a trailer would take up. (Hell... I have no idea where my knock-off Masterpiece trailer even is any more. I haven't seen that since the old Attic of Love days.) Hell... I doubt I'll ever open the TFCon Powered Armor set I've got coming from FPT.

I wonder if they'll do the now-almost-standard Ultra Magnus and Shadow Commander repaints.

- - -

I was wondering when we'd start seeing leaked pics of the other Botcon shit.

Surprised to see an Energon Mirage repaint. While looking absolutely nothing like a Transformer, I've been a fan of this mold just because it was so different. Lame that they had Laserwave devolve into this though.

- - -

Oh. I'm almost done with the last of my 2nd floor house projects for the season. I'm going to take a couple of weeks off from house work to try and get the toys in the basement sorted finally.

I'll be setting up my studio for photography so that I can finally have things ready and organized for sale.

Giga's still working on developing our online store. He's been bogged down with grad school shit though.

I may put a few up on that TFieds.com site.

Ok. I'm done. I gotta run and pee.


Yup. Mudflap and Skids are supposed to be Bay's comic relief beyond the actual film itself. The more I learn about the "Fallen" film, the retardobots will be quite fitting.

The Energon Mirage repaint is probably the best toy I've seen yet for this year's BotCon. Not a hard thing to accomplish given the general awfulness of the "Wings of Honor" set.

Damn I'm so pleased that I didn't spend a dime on that shit. My condolences to your wallet, my friend.

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who thought they had Down's Syndrome! I'm guessing they will be the JarJar Binks of the Transformers? ugh. Why do they feel they need stuff like this?

TFCon is tomorrow! I'm very excited. I'm going with my cousins. It should be a good time. I didn't get the City Commander armor though. I can't be bothered. I'm actually starting to think Con "Exclusives" are a bad idea all around. On one hand they can be cool. On the other, more expensive then they should be because its not usually Hasbro that makes them so it costs more to produce.

The first annual Canadian G.I.Joe Con is this year. They had smaller "meets" before but never a big thing like this. They have awesome exclusives like a chrome Hiss Tank. But because they are expensive only 100 could be made. I think I'll leave them to the 100 more serious collectors then myself. I just want to see them up close and I'll be happy.

I have actually had some decent luck on tfieds. At the very least it's free and I find it a lot easier (fewer steps) than posting on ebay, so you don't really risk anything selling there.

From everything I've seen so far, it would appear that Bay is really happy with these two creations of his. (Although it sounds as if they might potentially get themselves Jazz'ed at the end of the film; here's hoping.)

I think the thing that kills me is, the number of board and forum fans that really think that these Michael Bay movies are the best the franchise could do. "Iron Man" and "The Dark Knight" demonstrated quite clearly that one can have it all - realism, fantasy, action, story, critical acclaim and box office draw. What's so wrong about asking for it all?

Nala, I hope you open the Powered Commander. He is a beautiful figure! Yes, I have him in hand, along with the "profile" from the program.

The more I hear about Fallen, the less I want to.

I am jealous of the chrome HISS tank. That is going to be $500 easily on the secondary market on week one. I wish Hamilton was closer.

And isn't it odd (he says tongue in cheek) that the best parts of the Botcon exclusives so far are the add ons? I'm looking forward to Banazi-Tron (or whoever he is) most of all.

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