Botcon - I'm not buying toys for people.


Just an FYI... I'm not going to be buying toys at Botcon for people this year.

Having to ship my own stuff back is already a pain in the ass with all the additional cost and having to add other peoples' stuff to it is just more hassle than I want to take on this year.

In fact, I'm going to try and dump my Botcon toys with dealers as soon as possible this year. I should have got the toyless package.

Of course, the big problem is that there is absolutely nothing I want to buy so even that possible credit won't do me much good.

I can't say that those 2 Energon Starscream repaints are something to get excited about. And I'm wondering what the hell the attendee figure will be. Have they even shown that yet?

I figure there's regurgitate more of their Scourge figures as "Sweeps" too and I can't really see buying those.

Why am I going to Botcon again?


Other than to drink beer in L.A. with a small group of loyal geeks? Not sure. You should be coming to TFCon, given the quality of the exclusive. Although you are getting that anyway, so either way it's all good.

I'd totally be going to TFCon if I didn't already have something scheduled in advance for this weekend.

Regarding the BotCon toys, you could potentially try to ebay them right that very weekend at an inflated price, trying to cover more of the costs of your trip than dumping to a dealer would. Maybe.

For the drinking, of course. :)

Also, random elevator encounters with Peter Cullen.

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