I take it back.


Regardless of the 9th Doctor being in it, I think I may have to take back anything I said about wanting to see the Joe movie.

If the teaser trailer above is any indication, I'll find it more laughable than fun. It is highly unlikely I'll be able to suspend my filters for it.

I'm just so so so so so so over CGI people effects.

When done small and in the background they can be fine.

When part of the main action they look like total shit to me.

I really miss most pre-1995 visual effects.

For every great thing CGI has done for special effects some other thing has been lost.


I think that the movie could be great if it weren't for the fucking Sigma Six suits that make them look more like Movie X-Men or Batman. It's kind of like how the people who did the effects for Transformers went for the Beast Machine-ish designs instead of going for the G1 designs. In terms of marketing, it didn't make sense because most of the people who would go see something like Transformers are the G1 fans who enjoyed Transformers when they were kids but didn't have anything to do with the product after that. And that's what baffles me with the new JOE movie. Why give the heroes the visual designs that old-school fans won't recognize? I doubt you're going to have a lot of people in the audience that had even heard of something like Sigma Six and are going to be like "Yeah! Sigma Six costumes! Awesome!!!" No, it's more like "I thought Duke had a camouflage outfit when we were kids. Hey, didn't Destro wear a mask?"
I mean, I'm actually one of the few people who like the Beast Machines-ish designs for the movie Transformers but I still feel that they could have pulled in even more money if they tried to make the visuals more recognizable to the older fans who are seeing it out of nostalgia. I think they ironically buy more tickets than hardcore fans who would actually know Beast Machine type designs from G1 Designs.
Otherwise the Joe movie looks like it's going to be a pretty good ACTION movie, just not a very good GI JOE movie per se. That's okay with me though because I hated the original cartoon anyway. For me it was all about the comics and the toyline.

This is the same guy that turned down the role for Sylar on Heroes, because he "thought that the concept of Americans fighting European villains was stupid". And now he thinks playing Destro is gonna help his career? Not without the crazy chrome mask it won't!
That, and Destro sounds like Groundskeeper Willy now.

Christopher Ecclestone? The guy's perfect.

But yeah, what Sean said... looks to be a good action movie, not so much a GI Joe movie. Mind you, if the keep all the acrobatic stuff to the more plausible characters (did I really just say that?) then it might not be so terrible.

What I wanna know is what the final rating is going to be, because my little one loved Sigma 6 and she's going to be all over this. :)

(Although - if they were going to go with such a Sigmarized version for the movie, then was it really necessary for Hasbro to cancel the line just before we got Scarlett and Joe Colton?)

Destro was supposed to be Scottish so they guy is good for the part. I think in the cartoon he was not voiced like one. But we got used to that voice anyway. Though I like his cartoon voice a lot. I picture Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko from DS9) as a good Destro if you were base him off his cartoon version.

To be honest, I never expected him to wear the mask much in the movie. I think it works great for a cartoon but might not come across the same in live action. I bet he wears it in battle or something though. Hoping it looks really cool.

I'm not too thrilled with high tech battle suits. Its a bit of a kill joy for me. I think I'll just try to ignore them as much as I can.

Nala: I don't know, the cartoon was a bit OTT and very Fox Kids, but the toys themselves found a really good mid-ground between the kitted-out 12-inch figures and the somewhat unappreciable 3 1/4-inch guys.

Plus, they make a fantastic base for conversion work; in fact, I'm pretty sure Jin's turned out a number of Sigma-based Iron Man customs.

Strangely I have to agree with you, JOP. I'm not a fan of Sigma Six but the base figures work very well. And when they did a character in a RAH style (Destro, Zartan) they looked good.

And the Ninth Doctor has a pretty good career long before he agreed to sub-in for the Destro role. I'm more interested in how he'll portray Destro than anything else.

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