Well... there's no backing out now.


Regardless of all my sorry ass bitching and guilt at Botcon expense, it is now too late to back out.

The flights have been booked into Burbank and Evebird has my GRC registration to fax in for me seeing that I'm out of the office sick today.

We are gonna do that Thursday tour. Neither of us have been to LA so that may be fun. There's always a small chance that I'll meet some cool people too. Though I can count on both hands the robot people I've met that I actually enjoy being around for more than 30 minutes.

Signed up for the Saturday overpriced dinner but it supposed to be on the Paramount back lot and I'm more interested in that than the Botcon stuff.

Giga's got radio alumni stuff going on this weekend too so there will be non-robot stuff to do.

Now to find a liquor store!


My fax was confirmed received this morning at 10:39 a.m. Teresa and I are in for the dinner and the event. I'm trying to get into Thursday's custom class and the Universal Studio Tour.

L.A. is a bit of a draw for me. I told Beth last night that if it had been knee deep in the heart of Texas, I'd probably be out this year.

Not staying at a Convention hotel but will be nearby at cheaper rate. Have to book that soon. When do you guys plan to arrive?

muah ha ha!! see you all on my old home turf! for once, i am super happy i am from CA!!! i will have a car if you need rides or whatnot. i also know where the good places to eat are... :D

It's been 20 years since I was in LA. I stayed at the Ramada near the walls of Disneyland and so had a free fireworks show every night!


Honestly, the thing I was the most excited about was that Tonyfitz (of TFU.info fame) is organizing a #wiigii! trip to a Price is Right taping.

THAT, I'm sorry I'm going to miss, because I'm pretty sure that sufficiently well-organized, there'd be at least one plastic robot aficionado on Contestant's Row. (then again, it's not Bob Barker, so I'm not as upset about it - going on TPIR and meeting Bob Barker was one of my life goals that I've had to sadly put aside.)

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