I bought some expensive robots today.

The exclusive Henkei Wildrider should be showing up.

I also preordered Henkei Ghost of Starscream and Henkei Strafe.

The guilt will hit me tomorrow.

Or... more likely... when Masterpiece Grimlock ships and gets charged.

I've really liked being robot free more or less for the past few weeks.

I guess I shouldn't get mad at myself.

I mean, it is highly probable that not even a single 2nd movie figure will ever make it into the House of Love. Not a one.

And so far, I have no interest at all in the 2009 Botcon set. That's 2 sets in a row there.

I'm hoping that they'll at least unveil up to the 4th figure quickly so I can make my decision to not go Primus to the con.

Yeah. We'll be going. Even doing the full Thursday Hollywood tour and Paramount Studios Saturday party.

Still don't have airfare though.


Ghost of Starscream? That sounds pretty cool.

Huh you can even preorder Henkei Strafe? Did I understand it right - you have to both apply for the Japanese credit card thing and then use that card to buy the figure?

Well, if you do go Primus, I'm probably looking for a set of this year's toys - or if one of your friends does, I'll likely be willing to take their extra set or whatever.

There's no way in hell i'm going to Cali for the Space Fantasy Robot Show - it's just too much fucking money, especially when I'm pretty sure I'm going to be unemployed all summer (I've got a job until the end of the semester, and then I've got a job for fall semester, but this summer is going to be an exercise in Not Doing Anything.)

On the other hand, I want the motherloving shit out of Thunderclash, sight unseen. (Especially if they use the Energon Landmine mold.)

Hoop:You are absolutely right about the cost of this thing. I don't think this GRC could be more expensive for many people unless they had the damn con in Hawaii.

Oh, I appreciate the heads up, but I am actually too cheap to purchase the Jp stuff most of the time. I was mostly curious that it was even possible, not necessarily for the interest of doing it myself.

The Cyclonus mold is incredible though and I am very curious what the recolor will be. This is old mold that I do hope Hasbro recolors just to get more use from it.

Hmm I am not sure how I got "old mold" above. It was probably supposed to say "such a great mold."

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