TF Animated Swindle


TF Animated Swindle

So Giga happened to be out and found an Animated Swindle. I've never seen him in the wild at all.

He's a fun little figure. And I'm surprised at how they've taken a relatively minor character from G1 and made such a massive improvement on him.

It would have been fun to have gotten an entire G1 combiner like Bruticus totally redone in Animated. If Swindle is any indication, the Combaticons could would have turned out fantastic.

And no... I don't care that none of them would have been to scale. That just would suck all the fun out of having an Animated G1ish combiner.

TF Animated Swindle

Unfortunately, my lightbox is in disarray, along with much of the 2nd floor of the House of Love IV due to my starting Project 8, the last of my bedroom remodels.

TF Animated Swindle

So the best I can do is a few shitty hand held pics of Swindle on the Predacon shelf.

Thankfully, you can't see most of the awful dust that has collected.

TF Animated Swindle: 2161


Hmmm, much as I love the design aesthetics for Animated, this one is a little meh for me. Although not as meh as the new Shockwave which is a monster from the 9th level of hell...

Ultra Magnus, however, is awesome. Just a shame that the only one I've seen in this country is barf and number two coloured...


I really like the Animated line as well. I just can't afford them like I want to. I'll pick up Blurr if I ever see him and for sure I'll get Arcee.

I picked up Swindle today. I'm no fan of TF Animated but this is a good likeness and an excellent G1 homage. Great figure all the way around.

Animated Swindle is getting much love in my house...

He's now stood next to Universe Onslaught and Movie Brawl in my alternative Combaticons group...

Not that i have a somewhat biased opinion you understand...

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