Oh my god I have to pee.



Don't care.

But for some reason that I cannot explain the G.I. Joe movie will likely hold more geek appeal to me and I don't know shit about the Joes past 1986 or so. I suppose it because I have zero preconceptions about what it should be.

I did read a rumour somewhere that the the TF movie will feature some kind of Constructicons. There does look to be some rather "too large for normal" thing crashing through a bridge. Apparently, Hasbro is making Deluxe figures that merge.

That does kinda suck to me since I really don't want any more bug-alien TFs around the Crack Den.

It will never happen but I can always dream of a Deluxe Universe/25th Anniversary modernization of the original Combaticons that could merge.

Then again, if they are doing this for the movie, why have another Devestator. How about a 6-part Menasor or Computron. Add geek value to Motormaster by making him some kind of truck a la some of the Micromaster vehicle combiners. Scattershot could be the same.

Then again... the old 5-combiner thing would work. I don't know if the economics of 6 deluxes are better than 5 deluxes + 1 voyager in terms of development.


Here I go... getting geektarded gayrobofantasizing again. I really really really try to avoid doing that. There's no point in it.


Nala: To be honest, I'm actually more excited about reading THIS: http://www.mohawkmedia.co.uk/mr-t-store.htm
This trade just looks so awesome my head may explode!

The new crumpled tin foil-car-crash-bug-thing movie trailer looks..uhhh...bad? I think I'd rather watch Point Break or Bad Boys II.

I saw the Joe trailer online last night. I gotta say it looked better then expected. I have little in the way of expectations for it. Perhaps its best that I don't. But I want it to be good!

The Transformers one here looks pretty good. I didn't mind the first one. I mean its not the best movie in the world but it was okay. I thought the kid playing Spike err Sam (he'll always be Spike to me) was pretty funny.

If I understand correctly, there will be six construction vehicles that both transform into robots, and combine together to form Devastator.

One of them is a steam shovel, so by all
indications they will be pretty huge - and that's pre-combination. It would appear that the one smashing through the bridge in the end of the trailer may, in fact, be the steam shovel fellow (or at least one of his friends.)

On the downside... the robot modes shown so far seem to be doing some kind of weird non-leg thing (gyroscopically-stabilized monowheel of doom, anyone?)

I'm not sure if ILM did it to re-emphasize the alien nature of these guys, or just make them wide (as opposed to tall) for purposes of keeping them in shot easier, but... man they look atrocious.

Maybe one day TakTomy will see to it that we get a masterpiece Combaticon set, but until then... :)

The robot crashing through the bridge is the steam shovel. The grape vine says that all of the constructicons are voyager class figures that combine. The Devastator toy is said to be two feet tall and built like a gorilla. The steam shovel actually has two wheels. One in front and one in the back. They are formed from the treads of the steam shovel. I haven't heard the final number of constructicons it will take to combine to form devastator though.

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