TF Universe Starscream (G1 deco)


TF Universe Starscream (G1 deco)

I didn't really have any intention of getting this redeco at all.

However, whilst walking down the Taget toy aisles, he caught my eye.

I gotta admit, he's pretty nice in terms of G1ishness.

The shocker was how dark his face is.

TF Universe Starscream (G1 deco)

I remember a few early episodes of the old show when his faced seemed to be darker so I suppose this was the target look Hasbro may have meant to go for.

His head is only painted on the front too. So you have this black front and sorta-sides and then the grey plastic on the back. That's a paint app cop-out there.

The original Classics Starscream head is perfect with black all around and the lighter face.

I'm going to try and swap the heads between the two. That way I'll end up with the perfect Starscream to collect large amounts of dust and a miscellaneous seeker to collect even more dust towards the back of the shelf.

TF Universe Starscream: 2160


Oh, you could call the other one Starduster! (Ducks...)

I like mine except for the absolutely screwed up silver stripe on one of his blue rudder fins. It's like someone was drawing it freehand and had their hand bumped or an earthquake occurred or something. I like both color versions of him but he looks like a midget next to Megatron and he's even shorter than most of the cars I think---the mold's too small. . .

Nala: At the peril of bringing on some more Hooper X wrath, this kinda stuff about the head paint job copout, as well as Commem. Drag Strip's half-assed painted head, is just the sort of thing I meant in the previous Ravage comments that spiraled out of control to 19 comments.

Most of my Hasbro bitching has most to do with choices they make, even when in essence they're initially making cool stuff and then sabotage themselves with things like half-painted heads or crap paint color choices.


I saw him and Cheetor at TRU yesterday. Cheetor was getting all kinds of bad reviews so I ended up going with essentially I passed up something new in favor of something I pretty much already had. I maybe should have gone the other route.
I like this Starscream. I might just paint the face a light gray if I can. I did that for Iron Hide and he turned out well. I like the GI cartoon colors a lot.

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