Me and Julio down at the school yard (not buying robots).


My excitement continues!

I won't be getting this or this!

I really love when a Transformers movie comes out!

I save so much money now.


Yup. Crappy new movie toys clogging the shelves and pegs for 8+ months will be awesome.

So so nice to not feel at all compelled to buy even more crap to clog up my shelves. I can dig that!

I actually like the new movie Wheelie, as much as it pains me to say it. He's adorable.
And being an uncle with little nephews myself, I like the idea of there being a cutesy and more kid friendly R2D2/Gizmoesque (Gizmo from Gremlins, of course)kind of character for the kids out there. I mean, we had Bumblebee playing that role in the last one to an extent but I think kids will like and relate to Wheelie even more so that's cool.
I also like the idea of there being a Transformer out there that turns into a radio-controlled truck and I dig that he kind of looks like Johnny Five from Short Circuit. The character annoys the shit out of me now but I really loved him when I was a kid and I always wished they would make a toy of him.

Now the Fallen? Yeah. That does look like crap. He looks like some sort of weird bug/samurai character. I never really liked The Fallen that much and I think his appearance in The War Within just didn't live up to the buildup but I was excited to see him in the movie as a huge tank that just turns into a robot and destroys everything. Now those hopes are sadly crushed (unless he gets an earth form as a tank).

Only thing that has me vaguely interested so far is the Wreckage redeco - that is a cool mold. The only molds I liked from movie 1 were the ones that weren't in the movie. Stockade, etc.

Saving money is nice but this movie stuff still bumps the things I like, which is unfortunate.

It does rather seem that the rather, uh, 'progressive' design aesthetic that ILM and Hasbro dreamed up for the last movie is not only back in full swing, but apparently looking to punch somebody.

I'm looking on the bright side - it's money saved, and I'm not quite sure how the future lines are going to run but I'm guessing there's going to be more room for Classics v3 after this thing is through. Admittedly its going to be a while, but I can live with that.

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