Do I even bother?


Ugh! The Transformers Collectors Club renewal thing popped up in the mail yesterday.

Do I bother renewing?


Honestly, it depends on two things.

One, will your subscription come due before they put up the GRC forms. If yes, subscription probably saves you a little scratch. If no, fill out the forms, fax them in 1990-style and let your membership lapse. (If you care about the insert, I'll scan and flip to you.)

Unless, two, you really want to wrap up the gestalt with Heatwave.

I was going to comment but my comment is pretty much the same as Mr. Terrific's.

I'd say if you have the other 4 parts of Heatwave already, as Masochistic as you are about collecting, I'd say stick with it for the 5th piece if needed.

Yeah. Finish the combiner.

How much is the membership for a year? $50? $90?

Could be worse. US$40 is not nearly so bad as US$69 for Canada (which at an exchange of roughly 1.25 works out to be about $87 per year). I only join because of the savings for Botcon registration.

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