I think I'll be skipping the Gay Robot Convention.


So let me think about this...

$295 GRC entry with robots
$90 GRC minicon entry
$130 to do the Thursday event
$100 to go to the party
$620 or so for the hotel
$800 or so for airfare
$100 or so for to and from 'port

That's $2135 more or less and I haven't even bought a damn robot at the convention.

So with my GRC drinking habit, tendency to buy others drink, food, miscellaneous things, etc. I'm probably looking at $3000 to go to a fucking goddamn toy show.

Not doing anything Botcon related and only going to the show room as a walk-in puts us at $1500 or so, Figure $2100 or so total.

I just... I just don't know if I give enough fuck about this shit anymore to waste that kind of money.

They're just fucking toys.


Sweet Lord, no! In this day and age the priority should be your house and whatever. Not fucking toys! For that kind of money, I'd love a week in Japan! Not a weekend standing in queues...


The numbers don't lie. It is a shame because I had a really great time last year and the wife did too. Last year was actually the most memorable since 1997 when i was still really excited about this shit. I just feel like I will break my momentum if i don't go this year. I have noticed my overall interest level starting to increase again starting with GRC 2006 and gaining thereafter . I attribute that to all the good people i've met in the last three years.

The math you outlined above is precisely why I'm not going this year when I had initially entertained thoughts of going to my first Botcon before the Pasadena announcement. I could never afford, nor want, to do something like that that didn't at least involve an international flight and a full week in some other country. Even if I had the money for this years GRC, the guilt would set in.

I love me some toy robots but not $2000-3000 in one pop love. Simply a bridge too far, I'm afraid. I can fully understand your doubts. Shit, just get the Iacon package and save yourself a couple grand.

Though the TFCon in Canada isn't nearly as big, it costs $20 to get in and I thought that was too much...

I guess if someone were making a vacation out of it then it might be okay. Actually no, I think $360 for 5 Transformers is way too much. I've always wanted to do a BotCon but couldn't afford that.

well, i am going. but that's because i am only paying airfare, and admission. i guess its lucky i am from CA...free place to stay and all.

i am a little sad you won't be there though!! i wanted to hang out again...

Also sorry to hear you are not coming out. But I honestly understand. The equation is pretty much what I am looking at. The difference is I've never been to L.A. and this gives me a good reason to go. Course I am going to make a week out of it since I'll be there anyway. Teresa as tour guide....

We should think maybe about an alternative meet up that won't cost an arm and a leg. Maybe in the fall. Or TFCon if Toronto is up your alley.

You could always start frequenting a different con. I head Dairy Con is "ok". Or just start up your own con.

Also, I cannot believe it costs $800 for an internal flight to Cali... Guess I forget the scale of the country you live in!

*Sneaks back to 5th biggest county in England...*


Keep in mind that I'll be the minicon, half the hotel, one of the flights, etc.

If Nala doesn't end up going, I may do walk-in on Saturday just to see everyone. Flights to LAX are cheaper, and I'll just crash with my friends in WeHo. I've now got two alumni events: a Friday night shindig and a Saturday brunch to attend/co-host.

This sort of calculation is why I would only be going to a convention to which I could drive fairly easily.

(I thought I might go to the Toronto one, but I am occupied that weekend.)

I don't know if anyone reads Shortpacked but today's strip was all about registering for the BotCon.


I think I will not go to a botcon until they come up with some kind of online register system.

Most likely, I will not be buying a Botcon set this year. The money just isn't there this year. I have $200 put back for Danguard Ace next month and I simply can't dip into that money.

Anyway, although I'm still very glad I bought the 2007 Botcon set, the 2008 set........uh...not so much. If the 2009 set is lacking, like I think it might be, maybe not buying it this time is a good thing.

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