So yeah.


Kind of amazed how awesome the Breakaway and Fracture repaints turned out to be.

Damn fantastic!

You can see I opted for the Hasbro Silverbolt too. After getting him, I can safely say that an extra $25 is not worth the G1 paint job!

Blitzwing really is the shocker though. Others may like him but I wish I'd never bought him.

He's loose as shit and quite frankly he's just an ugly robot.

And what's up with the continued craptastic quality control?

Fracture's paint job... and even Breakaway's is kind of crappy. For me there's enough good in the figure to outweigh the bad. And they also were cheaper.

But Silverbolt?

Poor quality control on Silverbolt

His waist is totally f'd up!

I've definitely seen this more and more. I think I'll start tagging the figures that have problems so I can look... over the course of the ones I buy from a given line... to see if patterns arise.

China is not going to become our Overlords with this kind of shoddy toy painting!


i am so sick of the horrible QC. seriously, hasbro needs to use a different factory!!!

The first Silverbolt I bought had a big scratch on the underside of the wing. I bought another one and the Gold paint on the knee was messed up. QC has taken a big nose dive with Animated and Universe, I don't remember the Cybertron figures being this bad.

It's a global toy phenomenom. I don't like it and wish the company's would put in quality inspection, but I fear it is more the pressure to keep prices low. And I suspect the poor workers in these plants suffer more than the quality.

Agreed on the poor Hasbro QC and lack thereof in their toys. WTF is up with that??

My Silverbolt had paint smudging up on that faux winglet on his left shoulder. Pissed me off.

And then I picked up the Nemesis Enforcer/Falcon GIJOE two pack, got 'em home, and realized there was a giant dollop of the green paint used to paint Flint's beret on his face. I called Hasbro, because I wasn't sure I'd find another two pack so soon (I have since done so) and they wanted to have me send it to them, but wouldn't be able to guarantee that the toy I'd receive back would be the same two-pack. So they sent me a three dollar coupon instead. Lame.

Dammit Hasbro! I just picked up a Crankcase (he was ok), and Breakaway. I really liked Breakaway...until I opened him three minutes later. The windshield was all scratched up, his blue paint was chipped in several places and smeared onto the white areas. Basically, a brand new toy looked like I had picked it up used at a flea market. Seconded on the WTF from DL.

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