Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime. That'll do pig! That'll do!

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So I wanted to have both a Hot Rod and a Rodimus Prime but that meant getting another Hot Rod.

I opted to snag the Target Hot Rod/Cyclonus 2-pack.

Ugh! What a shitty figure.

Wow! What a difference.

2-pack Hot Rod (on the right) really looks and feels like a knock-off. Compared to the Classics release he's so poor it isn't even funny.

Hasbro really went all out on this set. I haven't even looked at the Cyclonus yet.


Rodimus has a Roller!!!

I was totally blown away by the fact that the truck part has a hidden "Roller". How f'n awesome is that!!!

Classics Rodimus Prime

Now the truck/armor is obviously designed and deco'd to go with the original Classics Hot Rod and probably they Henkei one too.

The colors are a bit off but enough of Hot Rod gets hidden by the parts to bulk him up.

Unfortunately, the legs don't attach all that well. Just trying to get this all together caused a ton of plastic stress marks on the crappy Hot Rod already. Very sad.

Classics Rodimus Prime

While I don't think he's up to the level of Fans Project Ultra Magnus he definitely is nice. If I find a real Classics or Henkei Hot Rod he'll likely be pretty amazing.

In terms of the battle base... well... I don't care so much about that.

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