I love my Daddy!


Big Daddy!

Now this is the way this mold is supposed to have been painted!

The predominantly orange and black colors, with a bit of light blue and silver/grey really works.

The red flames and exposed carb just make this one of the best painted alt modes in 20+ years of TFs.

Now the original Cybertron Wheeljack Downshift was ok, but with this repaint in Big Daddy hotness comes a repaint that is worth every penny.

However, with that said, mine has awful quality control as is even broke.

The silver should paint is really bad and the one clip to hold his waist to his chest is broken off.


How damn cool would it be if there was a Muscle Car Alternator? Old-School Supercharger, Mega Fats, Plenty of Chrome... (Drools)

Man he does look really great! I had never heard of the character aside from reading your site. I looked him up.

Congrats on buying him. Sorry part of him's already busted.
I'm pretty happy I finally found the All-Spark Cliffjumper tonight so I know what it's like to finally find the repaints you want from the All-Spark line. I swear that All-Spark Cliffjumper is like my Holy Grail for the movie toys even if he is just another repaint of Bumblebee because I love Cliffjumper just THAT much. If only they could make an awesome repaint of Prime to be Ultra Magnus. I guess I have the Nightwatch Prime for that until they do.

Sorry to hear about the poor QC mate, I think mine has the same poor QC paint job.

And I agree - I love this repaint!!

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