I cry inside even more over this.


Not that any of you really care, but when I was looking up Micronaut links I was shocked that there's a ton more shit on the net now then there was just a year ago.

And the one thing I found that shocked me was the fact that Marvel actually was going to try and relaunch the comic in the 90s with writer Shon C Bury.

This interview makes me both extremely happy and also extremely angry because it never came to pass.

Man. So much amazing art too. Minor redesigns but that's ok... it was still going to be Micronauts and not that thing that

And I'd poop my pants if I ever could get a commission out of Michael Golden like this!

And that Rags Morales drawing of Bug is mighty fanballstastic!


Did you catch the August auction of original Micronauts packaging art? I just barely heard about it and I rushed to save the jpegs.

Did you hear Hasbro has acquired the Micronauts? There's even talk of a movie! I need to throw up some serious Micronaut content so I can seem like a knowledgeable oldskool authority and ride the wave of popularity once everyone jumps on the Microbandwagon. They were first made by Palisades in 2003, right? MEGAN FOX SHOULD BE STARSHINE!

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