Pulling out more Micronauts.

Pulling out more Micronauts

While I was doing laundry yesterday I pulled out some more Micronauts.

The 7-year old in me came back out and got excited as I brought them up from the basement... far more excited than any car robot has ever made me.

While I may have spent 9 years actively collecting Transformers... they will never appease my inner child. Only Micronauts can do that!


I love that late-70s font on the packaging.

Your Force Commander looks so white.

I love that I experienced Micronauts first hand. I was never into Star Wars. It was Micronauts, then Joes and finally Transformers. But because I had so few Micronauts, I treasure them. Repto, the Photon Sled, and the Battle Cruiser. What kids missed out on because the line was cut short.

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