Add 3 extra inches!


C'mon now.

Which one of you is gonna drop that extra $18,000 you have on stupid toys?

Your child can go without food for a few months.

They're young and resilient. They'll bounce back.

And you can have that Fortress Maximus and Monstructor you've always wanted.


How much you reckon I'll get for a kidney?

I already have Fort Max and no kids.

And who the hell wants Monstructor?

he might have better luck breaking it up into several thousand separate auctions.

Oh I cannot imagine the hassle of a thousand little auctions. The eBay fees alone would kill someone.

But maybe breaking it down into 20 or 30 auctions would be a good method.

And Monstructor rules!

Damn, that's a hardcore collection. I'd say that the day I'd pay $18,000 for toys is the day I die but I think I've probably spent that much in my lifetime seeing as how I've collected over 5,000 action figures in my twenty-six years of livin' the geek life (only 100 or so of the 5,000 toys are actually transformers though. My brother and I pretty much had almost every G1 figure they ever made before we trashed them/sold them/threw them out so we're both on our "second dynasties" as far as all that goes).

Man oh man though. How in the heck would the guy ship it all? That would be like twenty or thirty boxes worth of crack.

I agree with rcantabile & fairplaythings, the guy should break up his auction.

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