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So I saw this over at Hoop's blog the other day and it pretty much is the end of eBay for most collectibles.

The loss of eBay as a auction house has been happening for the past few years as they made it plainly clear by their changes they want online stores with fixed priced shit. And now, regardless of the convenience, being forced to use Paypal and keep dumping even more fees to eBay is just not going to be happening here at


I prefer Paypal myself anyway, both for selling and buying. It's considerably faster. I don't mind the extra 30 cents or whatever that gets tacked on.

Ebay pushing fixed price over auctions irritates me though. Personally they need a model where the auction extends by say, 10 minutes automatically if a bid is placed within the last say, 2 minutes. Maybe even last 5.

I guess I sort of hate auctions (spoken like a true Ebay auction loser), so this move to fixed price doesn't bug me that much as a buyer. I do have to say removing multiple payment options does bug me---lots!

Just another way that they can skim off the top. Oh well, Ebay has long been a last resort place to buy for me anyways. Selling wise it's helped me in the past, but now I think we can expect to see higher set prices by individuals for sure to compensate for all the bullshit tacked on fees.


And, I almost forgot, what about all those bullshit inflated shipping costs you see these days, as well?

I think we can expect to see even more of those as compensation to the seller. A $12.99 Transformer coming from Ohio with a $15.75 shipping cost for Priority Mail. Fantastic. :/

hm. i know people hate paypal fees, but having been part of running retail outlets, its actually pretty low as far as fees go since paypal is large enough to get the lower fees for running credit card transactions.

as for myself, i skim for 'buy it now' listings, and i like using paypal since i my cc info is then a step removed from the seller, helping keep ID theft down.

maybe they need a split? auction site that is actually an auction site, and then a site that is more like what they are proposing?

I like the Buy it Now feature. If I want something, I want to know I'm going to get it. I haven't sold stuff on Ebay ever but I had been thinking about it. I guess I wont now.

The inflated shipping prices are making me crazy. Say I want a GIJOE figure and I see the one I want and its buy it now for $12. Then I see the shipping and its like another 10 bucks! Then I see its located in Toronto which is within driving distance! How is it $10 to send something thats less then an hours drive away? )_)

Then I found the same figure but in Florida and it was $4 shipping...

thatcarlguy: On the Ebay seller shipping prices--

I really hate that. Many of the international rates have gotten that way. I wanted a Takara TF Collection Blaster a while back on Ebay, the Hong Kong seller had it listed at $39.99 BIN + $33.99 shipping. And it said airmail took 7-14 business days to get to the U.S.?? WTF?

If I'm paying $34 to have something like that shipped, it better be here in like 5-7 days.

I've been a eBay member since 1998 and I must say my experience selling items on there earlier this year was less than stellar. They've really jacked up the fees for a lot less service.

While I don't mind a fee on PayPal, I object to what is basically a double fee to what is the same company. I loath the increased shipping "and handling" fees.

I really miss the old days.

I've always used PayPal as a buyer & seller, but yeah, like many others have said - this is just another way for eBay to get more $ from sellers. A shame.

Yeah, selling on Ebay has become an extreme pain in the ass. And now with the rules they passed, a buyer holds all the power. He or she can get their item in a timely fashion and STILL leave you negative feedback, which will take time to contest with Ebay, as they no longer get back to you within 24 hours.

Just Monday, I had a seller win an auction, and he sent me the total payment, winning total plus shipping, despite it saying right in my auction that the tool is a GENERAL ESTIMATE and please don't send me payment until I contact you. So I checked, and sure enough, he's a dollar fifteen short, so I emailed asking him to send the extra. I got it, but also got a big message where he ranted at me and called me names for doing "BAD BUSINESS!!11!".

All because the guy has the reading skills of a shoebox, and when I pointed this out, he said it didn't matter it was still my fault. I have sent the items, but am dreading the negative feedback that I'm sure is coming. Won't be anything I can do about it except try to get Ebay to remove it.

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