So I basically got kicked out of the kitchen and ended up on Ebay and now I find myself having bid on like 4 things.

Super mega bad craziness.


That's why they're pathologies. So what are you bidding on, anyway?

A huge Car Robots lot (mainly for the 2 Fire Convoys - 1 with each style of packaging), this Superlink Buildtron giftset, and a couple of eHobby things.

I've been kicking myself in the ass for the past two days for not forking over the $700 on a Buy It Now Black God Fire Convoy Lucky Draw that went up. It is my major holy grail figure and I'll never come across one that cheap again.

My Holy Grails are Overlord from Masterforce and Grandus. . . my brother has offered me $1000 to shave most of my beard, and the offer is seriously tempting, even though it would go to supporting my habit. Unfortunately, my brother being my brother, he's probably already forgotten, and he was probably drunk at the time. I know Grandus's transformations are pretty underwhelming, but I love the micromaster city concept. Probably my second favorite TF design series, after the BT/Alts. And it would be nice to have a purpose for that weird red piece that came with the Star Convoy reissue.

In fact, I managed to snag the "Brave Series" version of Dai Atlas at a pretty reasonable price, so I can finally get rid of my bootleg, thank the Maker. I like the paint job better, and having the motorized parts actually work is a plus.

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