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Worlds Smallest Transformer Dinobots? Coolness.

Ok. I'm kinda ganked at the news I read on that Just It Toys, maker of everybody's favorite unofficial trailer to Masterpiece Convoy will be doing 5 Worlds Smallest Dinobots.

And from the looks of it the much lamented and often forgotten Snarl gets the initial spotlight!

Now Snarl is my favorite Dinobot. I always liked Stegosaurs and Snarl, being one, naturally became my favorite followed closely by Swoop (due to Michael Bell's providing his voice).

Of course, in both animated show and comic the always annoying Grimlock took center stage and with Slag and Sludge and then Swoop taking up Dinospace poor Snarl always was forgotten. He wasn't even in Transformers: The Movie. How shitty is that?

That said, I like the fact that this guys, will unofficial, will probably be pretty cool. And they will be larger than the WST figures so more in scale with the way they were in the G1 cartoon initially.

That's another thing that seemed to get lost in the model sheets somewhere. The Dinobots, when in robot mode, we much much larger than most of your standard Diaclone-inspired Transformers. As season 1 progressed they became more normal sized. Kinda sucked.

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