Unicron can suck my balls.



Oh my god how do I hate Armada Unicron? Let me count the ways.

The thing is fine in bot mode for what it is. He meets the need of looking like the G1 Unicron but indeed, as a toy, serves the Transformers universe as the cliche boring ass plot device that he is. And in toy form, that amounts to a large paperweight!

I finally picked up one of these "stands" that Unicron.com makes but I can't for the life of me get the damn thing to stay on the stand.

I swear, if I was a father of a boy and had just spend $50 on Unicron and the damn thing kept falling apart I would be furious. (Was this what it was like for my dad with my Micronauts?)

Unicron. I hate you. I'm not putting you on the Christmas card this year.

Then again. I'm not doing cards this year either.


The Unicron stand is a piece of shit.

But at least he looks right, and not like some kind of Viking planet. . . hey, why didn't they add that to Cybertron? They could have just reissued all the Beast Wars/Machines toys that had horns, and repainted Unicron YET AGAIN. . .

What is that box from on the left hand edge?

Evebird: Yes. It does. It needs to be metal to really be of any use.

Frowny: Now now. We only have 4 "planets" as well you should know from the Cybertron maps found in all large packages of quality Hasbro products.

Ramen Junkie: That is the 2-pack 2005 Costco Exclusive of the ugly red/yellow Armada Prime and Overload repaints.

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