Not even DC or Marvel do this kind of shit anymore!

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Can somebody please tell me why there needs to be 5 fucking covers for IDW's Transformers: Infiltration #3???

I just don't get it. This isn't the 90s. None of the cover art is even poster worthy so it doesn't make sense.

Hell. I actually like the humans as the focus cover the best. Almost looks like Gene Ha (of Top 10 fame) did it.

You can definitely tell which cover Wildman did. It has to be the one that looks like a coloring book illustration. I just never ever liked his art. Dreamwave altered his style so much for War Within Vol II that I was able to at least tolerate it. But man, I can't make it through any Marvel TF books he drew. Between his art and the utterly horrible coloring/flexographic newsprint press Marvel used it is amazing that the TF comic lasted as long as it did.

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Wow. Five kinds of crap.

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