Soundwave. Play back Laserbeak's findings about the Jay Kulpa Suite™ walls.

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Many moons ago, Mr. E., of the Clintonville Evebirds, gave me an original animation cel and matching drawing of Laserbeak from Transformers: The Movie.

November 4, 2005 - Laserbeak from Transformers: The Movie cel

It is from the opening scene where Laserbeak is spying on the Autobots on Moonbase One.

I really wish I have some vertical spaces to hang these. I may have to hang them, along with some other art, in the soon to be completed Jay Kulpa Suite™.

At least the cel and drawing, along with the my other original Transformers art (below) could hide the flaws in the walls.

September 17, 2005 - Columbus Toy Show

1 Comment

Hey Jay,
Do you still own the Lser Beak cel...if so would you be interested in selling it?
Let me know

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