More new crack on the way.


My plastic crack purchases!

I broke down today and bought some new plastic crack that was on sale at BBTS.

Picked up wave 2 (4 figures) of the Legends of Cybertron figures, the Cybertron Defense "reformat" of Red Alert, a Kabaya Micron Booster of Hop, the Binaltech blue version of Prowl, the Binaltech Asterisk Red Alert, and a Unicron display stand.

I've been putting a lot of these items into carts and never buying them for weeks now.

Of course, BBTS no longer really has any "deals" even with their sales since so much of what they have is already higher than retail. And the loss of flat rate shipping sucks too.

But I wanted the Binaltechs since Hasbro won't release these and I've got this other Unicron just sitting here that can be displayed in planet mode and suspending in the air with the stand.

I think this'll move the total crack figures ever purchased up to 1475 or so.


I saw the sale too. I am close to making a purchase. Loose Kup/Wheelie, Windcharger, and BT Alert.......

Nice. Prowl's legs kinda bother me (what's the point of having knees if they can't really be bent?), but frankly, I was just glad to get a new mold out of the BT line again. Especially one that I didn't need some kind of engineering degree to figure out like Grimlock.

I really dig the Cybertron Red Alert (I got the GF version) but. . . um. . . his cyber key thing makes me think of an overexcited dog. . . you'll understand why when you get him.

"Red Rocket, Sparky!"

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