Binaltech Alert really is fantastic.

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Binaltech Alert

Unfortunately, my aging digital camera can't do it justice at all. But Alert is one beautiful figure if you ask me.

I had wanted a Prowl from the Subaru WRX mold (previously used for Binaltech Smokescreen and Streak). Since back in the 80s the 3 characters shared the same Datsun mold it seemed to make sense.

Instead Takara redid Red Alert and left Prowl to the new Acura Integray Type-R mold. Which is unfortunate for Prowl.

However, Red Alert is what we'd call super mega balls awesome up here in the Attic of Love.

Since I don't have the ability to get in close without getting blurry I can show you the beauty. I can only stress that I think he belongs in every Binaltech/Alternators collection regardless of the fact that he's already been done as two previous cars.

Binaltech Alert, Alternator Dragstrip, Alternator Prowl

While some collectors would probably freak that I took Dragstrip and Prowl out of there red/black rather rare packaging I just didn't see the point in keeping them mint-in-box with their future release to the mass market again. (I'm not a variant packaging geek loser at all.)

I gotta say... Decepticharge, er... Dragstrip, looks like an entirely new figure from the source Windcharger use of the Honda. The yellow and black makes him look completely different and the paint details make him really stand out. I like lots.

Prowl, one of my favorite Transformer characters, ends up as a Honda Integra Type-R which I can't say works well. His car mode is great but the bot mode is really lackluster. Several people have kitbashed the Subara mold into much better custom Prowls. I may need to buy one from Ebay.


I'll keep my Takara "blue" Prowl mint-in-box as I typically do with these Takara one offs. Normally I wouldn't have removed Alert from the box either but the new "bot-packaged" packaging works really well and I'll be able to put him back in if I ever sell or trade him, unlikely though that is.

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Argghhhh. Such mixed feelings. The car mold is decent. It's a good tribute to Red Alert overall. It's got great details like the red lights on the nose of the car. But to me it still looks like Prowl with Cliffjumper's head. It really needs more red, at least in robot mode. Overall, I'd give it 7.5/10. I'd still give the Binaltech/Alternators line an 8.5 or more overall.

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