A ton of shit.


So my big order from BBTS should be here today waiting for me when I get home.


And I won a huge Car Robots lot (above) on Ebay. I really only wanted the two Fire Convoys (one in each style of packaging) and the on-card Autobot brothers but and for the price I did well. I'll have to put up the God Magnus and others again for resale since I already own them but I got what I wanted.

Theoretically this would put me pretty close to 1494 or so but most of these guys will need to be resold. But hey. If I can break even on the ones I don't want then the ones I do need will have been around $5 each instead of the $40-50 they often command alone.

I'm cleaning the attic too so I've got to get all the shit that I want to get rid of finalized. Big ass pile growing and growing and growing.


Are you getting rid of the Super Prowl?

I think he's one I already have. I'm not sure though.

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