Stealth crack acquisition.


CostCo exclusive Optimus Prime and Overload

M & L, my agents in the land of hanging chads and shrub siblings is seeking out the CostCo exclusive Optimus Prime and Overload plastic crack for me.


Oh Hasbro... you can hide the crack in other states and retail chains away from the Nala but you cannot keep it for hidden for long.

Even godawful crack such as this urine-inspired color palette.


Let me know if you have trouble finding this. I'll be driving by a CostCo on my way back to Cowtown Friday.

Who knew Transformers were into Watersports?

And by "urine-inspired color palette" I mean "bladder infection resulting in blood in the urine" color palette.

These can go with the G1 repaint/exclusive of Ultra Magnus that Takara did that fans have christened "Urine Magnus" too.

Yay!!! M scored me 2 sets!!! That's 4 bots to the total!!!

Um. Eight. You forgot the Mini-Cons.

Duh. That was very retarded of me.

Whatever happens, do not stand downhill from these bots during the Folsom Street Fair.

Yes. And now I know what wearing a yellow rain slicker means.

Thanks Casey.

Now I know.

And knowing is half the battle.

Optimus Pee and Dump-a-load. The TF Universe Excrement 2-pack.

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