They are Transformers that don't transform?

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Alas, Mid-Ohio Con kinda sucked the balls for me. Matt scored on the super hero crack side so I suppose it was good for him. I even bought him his birthday presents early there since at least it was some crack he wanted and needed.

I found some TF related shit too even though I wasn't expecting much.

Scored me a Heroes of Cybertron Seeker PVC Giftset that was an OTFFC 2003 exclusive for only $10 which is about $20-$30 cheaper than the going rate on the web.

Even found an OTFCC exclusive Sunstorm PVC for only $10 too.

Picked up the Hobby Magazine exlusive 2 pack of World's Smallest Optimus Prime and Megatron for $12 which saved me about $10 or so.

And last but not least the lovely Mega PVC of the Japanese-only character Star Saber to go along with the Victory Leo I got in the mail from BBTS the other day.

Goodies galore I tell you!

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