A little octopus with my Transformers: Masterforce please!

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So. I gots some new screws today to put the storm door back up.

Tommorow is projected to be in the high 50s/low 60s so hopefully I can not only get the door back up but the window seam caulked. And caulked better than the sucky ballsness of yesterday. I'll take a little Palochi advice as well as a brush technique that I read today online. Alas, here's hoping the brush technique works with this silicone based caulk.

In other news I watched that Revenge of The Sith trailer again and I really still don't care.

Energon Omega SupremeOh. Omega Supreme finally made his appearance on Transformers: My God This Series Sucks today. Let's just say that this series has not only failed to improve but that it continues to drudge along, poorly translated and dubbed into something that I think may be English by Voicebox.

Pssst... Voicebox... you don't have to translate the idiosyncrasies of Japanese with just stupid "ehs" and "ohs" and "huhs". It was horrible 20 years ago when Harmony Gold did it in Robotech and it sure as hell doesn't need to be done now. Since when have you ever seen this in actual film or television created in English-speaking countries? Grrrr...

Speaking of anime, will the gods of Nippon please please please look down on us poor North American TF geeks and release region 1 English-subtitled DVDS of Car Robots, Headmasters, Ch�jin Master Force, and Victory.

Please... Pretty please... with fresh tako on top...

Speaking of plastic crack related things (like that ever happens here), I'm 8 away from 800. Current projections based on my needs/wishes with existing or future bots project out at 906.

Galaxy Force Convoy makes me wet!!!Of course, to get to that 906 that's a whole lotta dinero.

But man oh man the Galaxy Convoy is making me all wet.

I mean look at him... all Star Convoy/Super God Ginrai-esque in his 2005 Transformers glory!!!

You cannot deny his super mega awesome transforming power!

2005 is gonna be one helluva year. Well, that is if it doesn't suck.

But Matt and I have agents placed on various isles of Japan now and I sure as hell need to start taking advantage of that for my Takara fix!

Oh yes Galaxy Convoy. You will be mine.

You will be mine!

Oh. And if you are are husband who just gave your old laptop to your wife. One word of advice from old Nala here.

Delete the pr0n man. Delete the pr0n.

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