Does this mean I have to put out tonight?

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There's nothing quite like being at work when your partner-in-geekitude emails you from his Hiptop...

Beachcomber, grimlock/swoop, wingsaber anybody?

Omega sentinel too?

Methinks it is a cracktastic day and thanks are in order to the state government and organizations closing on Veteran's Day so he had off work and went on a crack run.

So let's see... 793 (adding the World's Smallest Thrust that I forgot about) plus 5 from the crack run puts me at 798... so close to 800!!!

As I recall Red Leader saying in Star Wars...

Almost there.

Almost there.

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"World's Smallest Thrust" and "Do I have to put out." in the same entry.... You can probably smell my thoughts from there; I think I have to go take a brain shower.

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