Microman! Microman! Does whatever a Microman can.

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Woah kolendy!

Microman Comes To The United States!!!


Takara is actually going to release Microman stuff in the states!

Ya gots to understand this is cool news.

The Microman line, under the guise of Mego's Micronauts, haven't been stateside for almost 26 years. (And I don't count the half-ass shitty Palisades re-issues from 2 years ago.)

Now the original Microman line eventually evolved in the late 70s and early 80s into MicroChange and Diaclone, the source material that became everybody's favourite transforming robot brand.

The latest Microman stuff is heads and tails above the stuff from 25 years ago.

Why did I share this with you?

I have no idea.

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Sweet....I had a Micronauts set I found at a garage sale on my paper route...The Interplanetary Headquarters, and a couple figures.

My Micronauts team met an untimely death when the Corvette they were riding in was destroyed in my back yard, after a showdown with KITT. Poor fellas.

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