My holy obscenity.


Ladies and gentlemen.

Readers of all ages.

May I present to you my fully reorganized holy obscenity.


So what does Buddy Christ transform into?

I still think you need an area where the Transformers can FIGHT!!! Stage big battles!!! That'd be AWESOME!!!

Christ Almighty, get insurance already.

~sniff~ It's beautiful. The Attic of Love is the happiest place on earth.

Of course you'd say that Mr. Evebird. You share a genetic disposition to crack addiction as well.

Kel... Buddy Christ transforms into Carpentor... a gigantous contruction/carpentry vehicle... and he doesn't use energon for fuel... he uses the souls of the undead!

You've been going on about the battle stage since I bought the house.

Perhaps I can do inter-line battles now that the attic is cleaned up.

It's pronounced Car-Pen-Tor. Like Ser-Pen-Tor.

I hear that Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl are trying to track you down...get rid of Lucy Lawless!

I don't yet have my Tom Baker Doctor Who figure...

Nice! I don't think you would be able to pull off that big arrangement here in California. We have earthquakes you know. Little guns, windows and fists would be flying everywhere.

I want a holy obscenity of my own. **sigh**

Erik: My attic space alone would rent for $800 or so.

Come to think of it, it is bigger than several apartments I've been in in the Tenderloin, the Upper Haight, and even Russian Hill.

No doubt. I used to rent a tiny studio apartment for $850. And that was in the Richmond district, which is pretty far away from the attractions. The thing didn't even have a proper kitchen.

Ah Richmond. As fun and exciting as Sunset and Parkside.

Yup. Unless you like chinese food, russian bakeries and asian dry cleaning places every fifty feet. I like the first two.

There is a lot of curbside dumping out there. I think a lot of people are too cheap to buy garbage service, so every so often they load up the car, drive two blocks and chuck their discards on some poor soul's driveway.

Erik... oh... but there is a chance you can have all 3 places in one.

I just love Joey's Ice Cream Espresso Sausage Wash & Dry up near Bush near Jones.

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