Meister is in da haus!!! BooYAH!


Alternator MeisterGuess what kids?


Alternator Meister is in the house! Woohoo.

There's nothing quite as exciting as having raspy-voiced Brian D. show up knocking on your office bearing a prized Alternator Meister (he's a Mazda RX-8 ya know)!

So Meister will bring the plastic crack total to 791. I'll definitely make 800 by the end of the year now!!!

Why I remember just this past September thinking I wouldn't make it to 700 by the end of the year.

My how times have changed.

Unfortunately, I'm no farther on getting the attic cleaned up and organized so it just looks like a big mess.

And since this is probably going to be the last weekend where the temperature is above 50 during the day I have to get the back door frame primed which is the plan for tomorrow. The main window still has hours and hours of work on it so that's gonna get covered in heavy gauge plastic for the winter. Probably have to do the side window the same way and just focus on getting the back door primed (and maybe even painted) and the storm door reassembled.

S'all my fault though. I procrastinated before trying the heat gun and lost valuable autumn days because of it.

Now... I'm fighting to find a day above 50°s and this weekend will probably be the last of them.

Maybe I'll be able to get the Attic of Love cleaned by late November.


Meister, you'll always be Jazz to me. ~Sigh~ Who can possibly replace Scatman Crothers for the upcoming TF movie.

Yup, I saw the Cars trailer in front of Incredibles - I was sure that it was a Pixar short film, as they have a habit of showing a brief feature before the main attraction. Cars looks like crap! (Incredibles was most excellent.)

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