God Fire Sword... drool...


Car Robots God Fire Convoy with the Master Sword

Ack!!! In about an hour this auction for a case fresh Japanese ToysRus exclusive Car Robots God Fire Convoy Giftset will end.

It stands at $222.60 right now.

Those in the know will notice that God Fire Convoy is holding the God Fire Sword, one of the most wished for items to hopefully be added to Nala's collection some day.

Oh. To have the God Fire Sword, or a Master Sword for that matter, would be a dream come true.

Now I already have 2 Hasbro versions of God Magnus (Ultra Magnus) and Fire Convoy (Optimus Prime) BUT I WANT THAT DAMN SWORD!!!!!!!!!!

And I want the exclusive clear Car Robots Autobot Brothers!!!

Someday... you will all be mine!!!



If you win this giftset, I'll buy the extra Magnus and Convoy bots from you.

Hah! At most the bots are $25-$30 each.

That means I would end up with a $190 plastic sword that probably cost $1.00 to make!


I am sick.

Sick in the head I tell you.

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