TF Animated Blitzwing


TF Animated Blitzwing

Holy shit is he totally underwhelming.

He also gets the award for "Loosest Toy Robot Ever To Have Come Out Of A Box". He's worse than 6" Titanium G2 Megatron!

He's definitely a toy I could have left in the store.

TF Animated Blitzwing is the 2110th Transformer that I've acquired.


well, i like him. and mine's not loose...

Yeah, I've noticed it a bit more in the latest releases. My Octane's legs are wobbly as feck! I have to use the blade thingy as a zimmer frame for him...


Mine isn't really loose,but i am also underwhelmed by it,not accurate,too bulky,crappy jet kibble,hideous tank mode.
When it comes to triple changing,Classics/Henkei Astrotrain still takes the cake imho.

I like him ....

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