Arcee is in da haus boyee!


2008-01-19-arcee.jpgAnd there was much rejoicing for a few moments here at The Domicile when Arcee spoke today during "Thrill of the Hunt" on Transformers: Animated.

While she didn't say much, there was a certain fanwank awesomeness to the fact that Susan Blu reprised the role of Arcee she created back in 1986!

Since she's the voice director of the new series, a small part of me held hopes that when Arcee findally did appear she'd voice her.

And there was much rejoicing.

Both Giga and I were rather shocked at how melancholy and depressing this episode was. I figured that was unusual for a kid's show but then again, I really can't say I watch shows aimed at kids other than this one.

I'm hoping they do a proper Arcee finally. And by proper I just mean a non-motorcycle alt mode.

With this style, HasTak has to be able to design a decent Cybertronian car Arcee and finally give many of us the fan wank Arcee we've all wanted.

I also loved how Ratchet was rather svelte in his younger days and is now drawn with pretty much a gut.

Ratchet has fast become my favorite Autobot and I can't wait to see what his toy is like.

So far I think Bumblebee is just sort of annoying since he's aimed definitely at the kids. Prowl is too David Hyde Pierceish and I haven't quite warmed to him visually or character-wise yet. Megatron is head-tastically perfect and I loved the method of his recent christening of Grimlock last week. What little of Blitzwing I've seen is sorta fun. Bulkhead is a bit of the dumb ox stereotype that I could do without.

And Prime? Prime is quite frankly the most boring lame ass character on this show and for once I'm extremly happy with that. I hope that means more screen time for the others really.

The only thing that could possibly make Ratchet's past more Nala-fan-wanky for me would be to have him one day mention his having a co-paramedic named Minerva or maybe even mentoring a bot named First Aid.

Holy shit that would by like... like... giving me a geek handjob across the screen.

And I usually don't get that unless Battlestar Galactica is on!

Or I'm writing ancillary material for Splintered!


No mention of Lockdown ???

He's like the James Dean of Transformers...

He should be wearing a black leather jacket and smoking, if like you know, Transformers smoked cigarettes...

Oh and Lockdown still looks like the illegitimate love child of Durge and General Grievous from SW Clone Wars *nods*

Yeah, I knew after episode 1 that Ratchet was going to be my favorite. There's no contest. Good character, interesting backstory, and it doesn't hurt that he's brought to life by a voice-acting god. It's somewhat ironic too, because I always thought the G1 Ratchet character was mostly lifeless and devoid of any distinct personality.

I've heard several people claim Lockdown is a ripoff of Death's Head. But I really couldn't comment much on thta, since I don't follow Simon Furman's comics too closely.

All I know is, Hasbro would have a lot more of my money right now if the Animated toys were available.

And even though this *is* a kids' cartoon, I haven't been this excited to see a TF show since Beast Wars. TF fans who are shunning this show because of the animation style are doing themselves a disservice. No, it's not Battlestar Galactica, but it's Shakespeare compared to the laughable crap from Energon.

So Arcee ended up with a wiped out memory - & that's it? WTF

I hope they make an Animated Arcee figure who transforms into a G1-esque vehicle mode. That would probably be the only Animated figure I would actually pick up.

Bruticus: I had absolutely zero interest in Lockdown.

Evebird: There was a minute there where we thought the Tivo hadn't snagged the episode. This was after your email about it. You knew I was going to like this one!

G1 Ratchet has that strange history of being for the most part almost personality-less in the cartoon and yet being one of the most massively well developed characters in the Marvel comic, which isn't saying much.

Still amazes me that he had so much dialogue in the cartoon but no real personality.

He was even voiced by Don Messick, pretty much the voice god of the late 60s and 70s. I wish the G1 writers had inserted the occasional self-aware dialogue like Ratchet yelling at Carly and Chip "I'd have fixed it if it hadn't have been for you meddling kids!".

That would have been a fanwank of a totally different variety but even at 15 I would have loved it!

Pulse: I'm hoping of course but I am not hoping too much.

I would really love to analyze the demographic ranking of this show now that it isn't just a lame ass import dub. I can see the appeal for girls in this show than any previous series since Beast Wars.

Can't remember where I heard but CN has been requesting more female characters in the TF shows for cross demographic appeal. Shows have never had a problem making female characters, its toy companies that get shy about making them for a boys toy line.

When I was a kid all I remember was being rather confused she was the only character not released. I could care less that she was pink, or a she. I wanted to get all the characters I liked.

Bring me the Carbies!

I also have a friend who's daughter got into Transformers recently because of the movie and seeing my collection. She likes animals and has a soft spot for Grimlock and Arcee.

Hear hear on the girls joining in... even with market forces and gender appeal the way they are, it doesn't hurt to actually *try* and do something different.

(Heck, the biggest mark in Transformers I know isn't me, it's my four-year-old daughter. Who, coincidentally would like to add to this:


Which roughly translates as:

"Dear Mister Nala,
Thank you for showing us your pictures of Hot Rod.
I like Bumblebee. Do you like Bumblebee too?
Be seeing you,

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