6" Titanium G2 Megatron



Number in Collection: 1640


I just bought the Titanium seris Megatron and Optimus from Walmart. I opened the Megatron one to start looking at it. The frigging thing started dropping arms and legs off as soon as it was out of the packaging! These things are Crap.
The right arm will NOT stay on at the shoulder because the rubberized peg system wont work in the position that allows the arms to be the turret. All the while Im trying to transform it, Im battling arms and legs that keep falling off.

Hasbro should recall NOW these and redesign them so they are of the same quality construction\design as the pvc so they stay together while being handled. Im exceedingly disappointed.

If youre buying them to leave them in the packaging to look at, theyre fine. God help you if you think youre going to take them out and transfrom them into vehicle mode. Its a one way transformation then.

Yeah. I've read a lot of that. I can't wait to see the flak over these at Botcon... especially if other 6" ones that are coming out are just as bad as this one.

I think I'll keep Megs in the packaging for now.

Hasbro also needs to get this shit together on the bases without pegs for the 3" ones. How the hell can you display the Ark without a damn pegged base?

I used the one peg base i got with the squatting prime for my ark .

Yeah. That's what I ended up doing.

It is the only one that came with a peg which makes me think it actually was supposed to be inserted into the Ark packaging.

hasbro didn't make em. i saw galoob on the boxes i bought

While Galoob produced them, they did so under direct license, and likely final design from Hasbro.

Still... what'd one is done.

Titaniums are now a dead line.

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