Because we all must own him and hug him and love him.


LugnutIs it wrong to just automatically love a figure without even owning it yet?

I ask this because it has been a rare occurrence where I actually almost feel that a frigg'n toy arouses arousement in me.

And man oh man... Lugnut arouses mega major... how does one say...amor plastico in me.

It has gotta be the purple and grey and obvious Shockwaveyness of him.

I mean sure, he looks like a typical game drone or something like the toys that were created for the movie tie-in shit.

But damn!

He's fine!

I wonder what Wave he'll be released in.


He does look really cool!

I've got my heart set on Black Arachnia. They've never really made one that I've been thrilled with and this one captures her Beast Warsness.

I like all the toys I've seen from this set so far.


Lugnut looks cool, but to me, not Shockwavey in the head. Try as I might, I can't see the roundel as an eye. It looks like a round nose, with the eyes being the small recesses on the sides. It looks to me like a dinosaur head, pretty neat, too.

I do wish his underwing pods were a little smaller.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

Doesn't look too bad at all, but I still won't be picking him up.

If there is one made, the only Animated figure I'll be acquiring is gonna be Arcee.

TF Animated designs have grown on me and I'll likley be getting most, if not all of 'em.

He's just another TINY voyager which should either be a real voyager,or sold at 9.99 pricepoint. Bastards at has2blow fecked up again.

It's not exactly surprising to see such venom directed at Hasbro for the new cost/size ratio but this isn't isolated. Toy prices are probably going to be higher across the board. For Lego, the Bionicle line is increasing from 9.99 to almost 13, with no change in the complexity of the main toys or the packaging. Rising oil prices seem to be the main culprit. Me, I'm just happy that we're getting badass Transformers after the horror of the movie line.

The animated toy line has grown on me too…I have the patience of a zit and e-bay’d a Starscream =( I am ashamed of myself yes but I really don’t care. Oh well I will wait on the rest. And I don’t know if you’ve sent the Animated Grimlock photos yet…but they look dope.



Animated Grimlock looks sweet!!

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