Balls... you are rocked.


I haven't written about it in a long time.

Hell... I haven't had much time to internet much about anything non-domicile modeling related.

But I just have to say...


That is all.


I'll assume you're talking about "Revelations" which indeed was an amazing episode...

The part that sucks balls of course is that we've now got to wait until 2009 to find out what happens next according to the Battlestar Wiki Revelations episode guide...

That was one hell of a season finale. I've been thinking about it non stop since I saw it.

I've only seen the first ep from this season. I'm way behind.

But... what gives? I thought this was the series finale, not the season finale. Are you saying there's more to come? Maybe in direct DVD or something, or are they spinning off the show? Or can't you say without spoiling it. Must try to catch up soon.....

This was a mid-season finale...

According to Wikipedia, it's all tied into the "Writers Guild of America" strike but season 4 should be continued in 2009...

Yeah, the mid-season finale rocked my balls too, until I saw the "coming soon" closing tag.

Yeah, freaking spring 2009 is soooooooooooooooo


@EB - This was the mid-season finale and there is a spin-off show coming called "Caprica" - which I suspect is about life before the cylon war restarted.

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