Nala's excited about a TF comic?


Yeah. It is true.

I'm actually excited about the forthcoming Beast Wars Sourcebook.

I have found the Dreamwave profile books, as well as other books in this vein, to be the best toilet reading material out there.

Just leave the books in the bathroom and when the White Castle is running through you at 3am you can enjoy the cheestastic and illogical Transformers universe!

What more is there to love in a comic?


Hm, it had never occurred to me that the MTMTE books would make great bathroom reading. Makes sense. Maybe I'll try to find spare potty-room copies.

Of course, I'm so behind on Discover magazine in there... I would just have to start eating more White Castle!

(I do not actually eat White Castle.)

I'm interested largely because it looks like they're including characters from BWII and BWNeo as well as the Axalon/Darksyde crews. . .

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