Where's the spotlight on Billy!



I don't read the IDW comics but damn, that cover (above) to their Blaster issue has to be the best Blaster & Company have looked on the comics page ever.

Apparently, he's going to have a new personality that blends the Marvel comics one with the animated one which I suppose is a good thing.

My question is... non-comic reader that I am... who the hell are those 2 cassette bots on either side of Slamdance uptop on guitar?

Creations of the new comic? I don't recall Blaster ever having any other distinct "bot" cassettes other than Eject, Rewind, and the combiner Slamdance.

Was that the year I was on heroin and missed something?


Moreover, what's with the humanoid Steeljaw?

As to the other guys, the one on the left looks vaguely like Crankcase, the Triggercon, but he was on the other side.

well, there is the japan exclusives Dairu & Zaur that form Legout. he fits the one to the right of Slamdance. so, it stand to reason that the other to the left could be Decibel who is the other combiner cassettes from Japan. i have never seen a pic of him but i have pics of Noizu & Gurafi. Legout & Decibel are humanoid looking just like Slamdance and they share the color schemes with the bots in the cover image.

By the way if anyone has these four cassettes....
Let me know !!!!

JoAG: You are so smoking crack or huffing paint thinner. Nobody actually has them!

Okay now that is an awesome cover. Blaster was always kinda blah for me but who knows a new spin on it may make him better for me.

The IDW stuff is pretty good though. I've been holding out for TPBs of their stuff as I really don't do comics anymore and I have to ship them in, no comic store here.

Yeah, pretty sure they're the Japanese rare-as-hell dinocassettes. WHY OH WHY do they tease us like this???????

steeljaw looks like that because he doesn't have a cat form yet. he turns into the same kind of weird bipedal mole-thing as War Within Ravage, but with a "mane."


Hoop: I figured as much on the Steeljaw. I wonder if they'll do Ramhorn as along the same lines.

I'm not a comics type of guy, but Dude, that artwork is SWEEEET!!!!

his artwork is amazing, isn't it? you can find more of his stuff here http://markerguru.deviantart.com/ in case you haven't visited it before

You know, it's really not fair. I was all set with answers to all those questions, about the other cassette combiners, and Steeljaw's Ravage-like War Within mode...


Nala, though I was a big fan of Dreamwave, I have to say that IDW's TF comics are probably the best TF comics ever.

Nice pic of Blaster ...

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